Friday, August 27, 2010

Fresh Baked Giveaway!!

Whats that heavenly aroma? Why it must be a delicious giveaway from The Apron Goddesses, sponsored by Cupcake Provocateur!!!

Drop on by the AG website and follow the directions to take a chance at winning your very own kitchen confection......this was my pick:
The Batty Betty! Isn't it a scream? What else would you expect The Horror Homemaker to pick???? =)

Good luck everyone!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Matinee Birthday Edition - "Chocolat"

Today is my 29th Birthday.....oh boy,lol. It feels very odd to say that I am almost 30. Next year I'm sure I will have a huge freak out about it, but for now I will keep calm and carry on.

This weeks movie is one that I find myself popping into the DVD player over and over again because it's just that enjoyable........"Chocolat". I love this movie for so many reasons. The story is endearing, the idea of making chocolate according to ancient recipes fascinates me, and the colors used in the movie are amazing as are the gorgeous 40's and 50's clothes. Did I forget to mention that this movie also stars Johnny Depp? Just some more eye candy to add to the box.....

The Plot:
Vianne Rocher and her young daughter are drifters who are met with skepticism and resistance when they move to a conservative town in rural France and open a chocolate shop during Lent. As Vianne begins to work her magic and help those around her, the townspeople are soon won-over by her exuberance and her delicious chocolates - except for the mayor, who is determined to shut her down. When a group of river drifters visit the town, Vianne teaches the townspeople something about acceptance, and finds love for herself along the way.

You will just fall in love with the character of Vianne. Her fiery spirit and determination, her beauty and sex appeal and of course her killer wardrobe. This movie will also have you craving sweets like no ones business. I am actually not a huge fan of chocolate on a regular basis and prefer to save it for once and a while treats.....but when I watch this movie I want to ravage a candy store like the Incredible Hulk.


Enjoy the show!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"What I Wore" Wednesday

I have decided to fill the uneventful void of Wednesdays with lovely colorful outfit posts! Basically on Wednesday any pics that have been taken of outfits that week will be posted. Hopefully this works out as I have been careful to make sure to remember to get outfit pics!

Shirt- Hot Topic
Jeans- Tripp@Hot Topic
Flats- Mandee
Headband- F21
Wrist Cuff- Hot Topic
Bag- Old Navy
Tube Top- Mandee
Cardigan- H&M
Jeans- Tripp@Hot Topic
Flats- Mandee
Necklace- Disney Couture
Bag- Old Navy

Tank Top- Mandee
Cardigan- Old Navy
Jeans- Tripp@Hot Topic
Belt- Hot Topic
Headband- F21
Heels- F21
Bag- L.A.M.B. for LeSportsac
Necklace- Sex Pistols Shop, UK
Just in case I have yet to mention it, I am a huge KISS fanatic. They have been my favorite band since I was a little kid, followed only by Oingo Boingo. I go to shows and I dress up, useually as the drummer and my favorite member of the band Peter Criss. On Saturday the BF took me to see KISS over at the Jones Beach theater. It was an amazing show and I had a great time. Anyway, here is my costume.
Everything was pulled from my regular wardrobe and of course the make up is by me.

Tonight we went to see MC Chris in concert on a boat ride around Manhatten. It was totally fun and random. For those of you who are not familiar with MC Chris, he's a nerd rapper who does some voices and music for shows on Adult Swim such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021.
To find out more about him, click here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Matinee - "Radio Days"

This Monday I bring you a film from the 80's by Woody Allen. I am actually not a Woody Allen fan usually, this being the only movie of his that I have actually given my full attention to and own. My Dad loves this movie and that is probably the reason I saw it and came to love it myself. He says it reminds him of his childhood and our large family....he's right. Besides the fact that this is a delightfully endearing film because of the plot and the acting, it is also a visual treat for anyone who loves and embraces the 1940's. This movie is a love letter to the 40's, the radio and to family. You will recognize many well known actors in this film as well, not just from the Woody Allen stable. Watching a little Seth Green is priceless, especially when you think at how he has grown. I love the romance crazy, music and marriage obsessed character of Aunt Bea, played perfectly by Diane Wiest. Her clothes are simply to die for and they represent what the average young woman would have worn back then.

The Plot:
Woody Allen's sentimental reminiscence about the golden age of radio. A series of vignettes involving radio personalities is intertwined with the life of a working class family in Rockaway Beach, NY circa 1942.

The Narrator tells us how the radio influenced his childhood in the days before TV. In the NYC of the late 1930s to the New Year's Eve 1944, this coming-of-age tale mixes the narrator's experiences with contemporary anecdotes and urban legends of the radio stars.

Even though the narrator's Jewish American family lives modestly in the Queens neighborhood of Rockaway Beach, each member finds in radio shows an escape from reality through the gossip of celebrities, sports legends of the day, crooners, etc. For the narrator, the action adventurers on the radio inspire him, as he daydreams about his attractive substitute teacher, movie stars, and WW2. Meanwhile, the story of an aspiring radio star's career is also told, along with the tale of the narrator's aunt Bea and her search for love.

The musical score features songs from the 1930s and 40s, which play an important part in the plot. I can't watch this movie without singing along actually.

For more information on the time period when this movie is set, referred to as "The Golden Age of Radio", click here

Some pictures:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th!!

Today is Friday the 13th. We have been getting quite a few of these lately. Traditionally, tattoo shops will do a F13th special of set designs incorporating the number 13 for only $13. I have a 13 tattoo on my right outer ankle of a scared black cat standing on the number 13. I would love to go out and get a tattoo today but there isnt a place around here doing it and I don't really feel like going into the city. I'm sure there will be plenty of other times to get inked in the future, especially since I have great plans for tattoos.

I have been a really bad blogger lately and I'm sorry. There has just been massive stress and drama going on around here and I fell off track. I will be back on track next week, I promise.

Until then, have a awesome and spooky Friday the 13th everyone!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Virtual Fashionista

I love to shop, like most women. I actually do a fair share of actual shopping for I am indeed a shopaholic clotheshorse. See I can admit my problem!!

I also know that too much shopping takes it's toll both on closet space and on the wallet, which is why I live out some of my fashion fantasies in the virtual world.....

Ladies, meet Polyvore ! For those of you not familiar with the site, let me fill you in. Polyvore is an online fashion database filled with clothing from hundreds of designers, online shops create an account, then look through or search the databases for clothes you like and add them to your collection. You can then organize all of your clothing and accessories into select groups or create awesome little outfit collages with them. It's like shopping for everything you want without the guilt of actually buying it. Sure, I may not really own those fabulous McQueen platforms but I do on Polyvore!!!

Sometimes I like to pretend that everything I add to my collection will magically be mailed to my house.....Hey, I can dream can't I??? Polyvore really is fun and you will find yourself sitting there for hours creating the perfect outfits to show off.

Here is one of my creations and a link to my profile:

My Polyvore profile, HERE

If anyone out there decides to create a profile, please friend me ! Have fun everyone!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Is that another contest I smell?

It sure is!

Big congrats to Uncle Atom for reaching 50 followers!! To celebrate he is giving away something from his stash....
Isn't that light nifty? I know we could sure use that as we have no lighting whatsoever for the new house when we get it.

Try your luck at winning by leaving a comment over at his blog

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Matinee - "Grey Gardens"

This film is a feast for the eyes. It also makes one think about life and it's twists, and how things work out differently for everyone.

When I first saw the film Grey Gardens in 2009, I instantly became enamored with Little Edie Beale . I loved her drive and her ambition, her fashion sense and creativity and sympathized with her losses and defeat. She was a dreamer, so am I. She was completely eccentric and didn't care who knew it. I admire that about her.
I also found myself growing more and more angry at her mother, Big Edie Bouvier Beale. I resented her for holding Little Edie back, for keeping her a prisoner of guilt and duty in Grey Gardens. I know now that it wasn't done out of complete spite, but rather out of complete fear. Fear of being alone, of dying alone and losing what little you might have left. I think that those are deep fears that we all have inside of us somewhere.
The whole movie I just found myself rooting for Little Edie, cheering her on and hoping that she will finally have her chance. I have always loved a film that can put me on the characters side right from the beginning, that can make you feel for them, become attached to them. This film does all of that and more.
The story of Grey Gardens has also been immortalized in a Broadway musical and most importantly in a documentary made in the 70's by Albert and David Maysles.

The plot:
Based on the life stories of the eccentric aunt and first cousin of Jackie Onassis (both named Edith Bouvier Beale aka "Big and Little Edie") raised as Park Avenue debutantes but who withdrew from New York society, taking shelter at their Long Island summer home, "Grey Gardens." As their wealth and contact with the outside world dwindled, so did their grasp on reality. They were reintroduced to the world when international tabloids learned of a health department raid on their home, and Jackie swooped in to save her relatives.
The film stars Drew Barrymore, looking epicly gorgeous in the flashback scenes, as Little Edie and the ever talented and glamorous Jessica Lange as Big Edie.

The costumes in this film are just gorgeous. I would love to own all of Little Edie's clothes and accessories. Since the time line of the film spans from the 40's through the 70's, there is plenty of great fashion to be seen. Even Little Edie's madcap improvised ensembles from her later lifel in squalor at Grey Gardens are wonderful. They are colorful, inventive and theatrical...just like their creator.

Some photos from the film:

Saturday, July 24, 2010


....of hair that is.

I often look back at old pictures to see how my hair has changed over the years. Sometimes it's funny,sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it's

I have decided to share some choice pictures of myself through the years with you, my dear readers. Hopefully some of you will respond by posting "Hairstyle Evolutions"on your own blogs. I know I'd love to see them ;)

Little me, circa 1984. This is my natural hair color in all it's glory.
Senior Prom, 1999. I am the pale one on the end in case you couldn't figure it out,lol. My hair was something along the lines of my natural hair color and twisted up into these little knot thingies. I looked like an Alien, but I liked it.
2003, long and red. I kept it this way for quite a while.
2007. Yes, that is all my real hair. I regret cutting it like no ones business. I'm painfully waiting for it to grow back.
2009. Right after I moved back to NY from Vegas and started my job at the evil salon. This is as much blond that has ever been in my hair.
2009. The dreaded cut. I don't know what I was thinking. It was summer and it was hot and I wanted a change. I never sat and thought about having to wait FOREVER for it to grow back.
2010, Las Vegas. Went red again and loved it....just hated the upkeep.
2010, still red and psyched that my hair was actually long enough to do a front roll.
2010, back in black. This is me letting the little Goth girl who lives inside of me come out and play at the Tim Burton exhibit @ MOMA.
2010, current style and length of my hair. It's finally long enough to do a decent roller set on, but still not nearly as long as I would like it.

Your turn! Show me the do's people.......