Friday, June 25, 2010

Meet the Parents, Parents Meet the House

As I mentioned before, Derek and I are trying to buy our first home. We have indeed found one that we both love, an adorable 1950's Cape, which we put an offer in for and had said offer accepted.

Today the parents are going to "meet" the house. Derek and I are very fortunate because we have parents that are being very generous in helping us buy a home. Therefore, they of course want to see the house first. Today will also be the first time that Derek's father meets mine. Derek's parents are divorced and do not get along at all so my Dad has met his Mother just not his Father. I'm kinda nervous about that seeing as D's Dad is kinda laid back and my Dad is a crazy Italian. We will see.....

The house is really adorable. There are 2 big bedrooms and a full bath on the 2nd floor, 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor. Then there is a full basement with a built in bar area and a separate laundry room and work room for tools. The kitchen is my fave part though. It's yellow and white right now with a curved counter, flecked Formica counter tops and all. The appliances are updated but we plan on getting some new ones. The best part is that when we were down in the laundry room we found the original refrigerator from upstairs!! It's yellow and has a bottom freezer.....I love it to bits!!! As of now we have no clue if it works but if not then we are going to try and get it fixed and move it back to the kitchen.

The house really just needs some cosmetic work to make it look awesome again, which is fine with me because I love projects.

The inspector is going to go tomorrow morning and then let us know everything. I really hope this works out, ugh its crazy!!

I am filed with nerves, excitement, fear,'s pretty much a mixed bag at this point.

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