Sunday, June 27, 2010

A visit from the Vintage Fairy

A week or so ago, we had the pleasure of viewing a home that was for sale during our round of showings. This house was AMAZING. A classic red brick ranch, all original and furnished head to toe in MCM gorgeousness. Every single room was perfection. I would have moved in that day if all the furniture came with the house. The house is still for sale and actually in our price range, but the neighborhood isn't our favorite.

Well when we were in the house I fell head over heels in love with the living room set they had. Everything was Atomic and in 100% pristine condition. The couch was a kelly green, The arm chair was a blue/soft gray and the 2 level end tables were blond wood with side panel flower carvings. LOVE. I wrote the owner a short note before leaving the house asking about buying the living room suite from them but I never got an answer.

Yesterday I decided to stalk Craigslist for any of the items from the house, so I punched in the location and set to looking.Well my stalking paid off because I found a listing for an item that I recognized from the house as well as recognizing the house from the picture. I promptly wrote the seller an email apologizing for being a weirdo and inquired about buying the green couch living room set. I honestly never expected an answer back because I'm sure I sounded like a creepy stalker........I WAS WRONG!!!

The seller got back to me and agreed to sell us the entire living room suite for $475......3 tables, a couch and an armchair. I could not be more excited. We are picking them up in a few weeks because the seller lives in Florida and goes back and forth while trying to sell his parents estate. I would love more of the furniture from the house but this is good enough for now.

The moral of this vintage tale is that if you see something you want, then never surrender until its yours.

Now if I only had a house to put all my stuff in.......damn it.


  1. Thats so awesome! I'd love to see a picture of it if You have one!!!

  2. We will pick it up in a few weeks, so hopefully I can snap off some quick pics before they go into the moving van seeing as they are going to be living in storage until we get a house.