Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well that was a learning experience......

The house viewing pretty much sank down into deep murky waters of disappointment.

Long story short, the parents found all the bad things about the house that Derek and I didn't see because we were blinded by the shiny prospect of having our own home. They found botched electrical jobs, water damage and mold. Then as if that wasn't the worst, the Real Estate Agent mouthed off to my Dad. *UGH* Basically my Dad is an over protective Italian tough guy, just for the record. The Agent told Derek that she wanted him to sign some papers, to which my Dad then replied that he wanted to know what kind of papers they were first and if he could see them. Well, I guess the Agent didn't like that very much because she told my Dad that it was between her and her client and it didn't concern him. *OUCH*

We now need a new Agent.

We also didn't quite like the idea that from the very beginning she tried to push us into every home she showed us. She never listened when we REPEATEDLY told her that we were looking for a Mid Century home that we could restore......everything that was old that we loved she would constantly tell us we could "update" to make more the word "update" is like an evil word to me.

Anyways.....We are going to keep looking and that's really all we can do for now. I'm sure there is a great house out there for us somewhere and we just need to find it. Of course there is always my fantasy that an old couple who has lived in a cute little ranch since the 50's decides to sell their home full of their delightful furniture to us....because that totally could happen you know.

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