Thursday, July 15, 2010

A bookish dame.....

I love reading. When I was working full time it used to always bother me that I just never had time to read anything larger then a magazine. I always felt so rushed and I hated that. I missed the comfort and release that reading an excellent book will give you. Becoming immersed in the book, not wanting to put it down even for just a moment because you are afraid you are going to miss something. Bliss.
Since I am rather unemployed right now, I have decided to make the most of it by reading old books and new. One of my favorite things to read and collect are the old young adult horror/suspense novels from the 80's and 90's by authors such as R.L. Stein, Diane Hoh and Christopher Pike. I love them and reading them instantly takes me back to being in grade school. Whenever we go to Goodwill or thrift shops I always scour the book sections for them and 9 times out of 10 I will find at least one for no more then $1. They are great reads because you can get through one book in 2 hours and move on to the next one if you wanted to.

Yesterday it was rainy and humid here in NY. I love rainy weather and always have. We ventured out to do some errands and on the way home I stopped at the book store to get a magazine....and walked out with 2 new books and a magazine,lol. This is what I bought:
When I saw this on the shelf I got really excited. Ripper books and the case itself have always been of great interest to me ever since I was a kid. I am a big fan of the time period the murders were committed in and the idea of unsolved crimes, especially ones of this magnitude fascinate me. Plus the theories of conspiracy and Royal involvement don't hurt either.
More info on this book here

Then I saw this book:
The Black Dahlia. If you have never heard of this case, well....get to Google-ing. You might be familiar with the movie from a few years ago but I would never recommend that as an accurate source of information on the case AT ALL. The movie is based on a book by James Ellroy and mixes facts (very little facts) with quite a lot of fiction.
Elizabeth Short was a pretty young girl with big dreams of Hollywood and an unrelenting desire to be loved. Sadly Elizabeth never lived to have that movie career or love. Her murder has been described as one of the most terrifying and shocking of our time. It rocked the late 40's and its tremors are still felt to this day. The murderer has never been caught. There is mass speculation of cover-ups, Mafia involvement, false claims and accusations.....and in the middle of it all is Elizabeth.
I first heard about this case when I was really young. I was watching a special about unsolved crimes in L.A. and one of the segments was on the Dahlia. When I saw her picture, her smiling face, her pale skin and dark lips framed by raven hair.....I just felt this kinship with her. I wanted to instantly know her and be her friend, I wanted to protect her. I have always felt that Elizabeth needed a friend. One real true friend that she could turn to when she needed help, advice or support. I also felt very sorry for her and still do and always will. I get pretty angry when she is painted in a bad light, and she often is. People always make Elizabeth out to be a "good time girl", loose with her morals. She is often pictured as a shiftless whore, and I firmly believe that she was not. I can honestly say that I have read every single book on the subject of her life and murder. Naturally when I saw this one in paperback I jumped on it.
More info on the book here
More info about Elizabeth Short, her life and her murder here

Last but not least, for all of you who are curious as to what I wore yesterday:
No, I not wear vintage or strictly vintage styles everyday. I love clothes too much to restrict myself like that.Plus my style is all over the place....Punk, pin up, Goth, girly, goes on.
Jeans- Target
Cardigan- Mandees
Top- Mandees
Flats- Mandees
Purse- Forever 21
Belt- Hot Topic
Headband- Forever 21
Earrings- Won in a giveaway from Gabriella @ Sewing is Hard


  1. I can so relate to getting lost in a book, I read constantly. My husband always complains about the stacks of books from the library sitting on the end tables. His big question is always "How many books can you read at one time?" I guess I've never sat down to figure that out but I'm pretty sure it's at least four or five :)

    I also read that very same Dahlia book and loved it. The first time I saw a picture of Elizabeth Short, I just had to know more about her. There are so many books about her and not one of them lines up exactly with another, which just makes me want to read even more about her.

  2. Yay! You are wearing the earrings! Love the outfit. That cardi is super cute!

    If you haven't read it already, I highly recommend Black Dahlia Avenger. It's written by an ex-LA cop who traces the murder of Elizabeth Smart back to his own family.

  3. I love that book!!! I re-read it every so often. I feel he makes some really valid points but I'm not sure the killer is indeed his father.

    My fave book on the subject is called "Severed".....its a lot older but its very comprehensive.
    YAY the earrings are so much fun and do not bother my sensitive ears =)