Thursday, July 1, 2010

Craigslist, How I Love Thee

I have been on a Craigslist rampage lately....I think it's just retail therapy. I'm still bummed about the whole house fiasco and the fact that we aren't going to be looking at new prospects any time soon.

First is the living room set that I spoke of earlier....I found a pic I had of the set, it's not the best pic but you can get a decent idea from it.

I am buying the green couch, the end and coffee tables, and the gray blue chair in the lower left corner. Isn't that living room the most? I love it. The entire house was that cool. They are also selling the French Provincial couch set and tables in the pic for $700.

Then there was my random good luck find on CL the other day of a 50's formica and chrome kitchen table with a leaf. The top is yellow "cracked ice"'s pretty awesome. I recently decided that my future kitchen is going to be all yellow, red and minty teal so finding a yellow table was a sign for me that I made the right choice,lol.

We might be heading up to the big flea market in Stormville for the 4th, pretty sure we are but who knows what might happen from now till then.

That's the news that's fit to print for now folks.