Saturday, July 24, 2010


....of hair that is.

I often look back at old pictures to see how my hair has changed over the years. Sometimes it's funny,sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it's

I have decided to share some choice pictures of myself through the years with you, my dear readers. Hopefully some of you will respond by posting "Hairstyle Evolutions"on your own blogs. I know I'd love to see them ;)

Little me, circa 1984. This is my natural hair color in all it's glory.
Senior Prom, 1999. I am the pale one on the end in case you couldn't figure it out,lol. My hair was something along the lines of my natural hair color and twisted up into these little knot thingies. I looked like an Alien, but I liked it.
2003, long and red. I kept it this way for quite a while.
2007. Yes, that is all my real hair. I regret cutting it like no ones business. I'm painfully waiting for it to grow back.
2009. Right after I moved back to NY from Vegas and started my job at the evil salon. This is as much blond that has ever been in my hair.
2009. The dreaded cut. I don't know what I was thinking. It was summer and it was hot and I wanted a change. I never sat and thought about having to wait FOREVER for it to grow back.
2010, Las Vegas. Went red again and loved it....just hated the upkeep.
2010, still red and psyched that my hair was actually long enough to do a front roll.
2010, back in black. This is me letting the little Goth girl who lives inside of me come out and play at the Tim Burton exhibit @ MOMA.
2010, current style and length of my hair. It's finally long enough to do a decent roller set on, but still not nearly as long as I would like it.

Your turn! Show me the do's people.......

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  1. I have had WAY too many different styles. lol. And all of the pictures are floating about somewhere (probably on the internet)...there are a few oldies here
    Love the current style but I really love that red from earlier in the year. WOW!
    -Andi x