Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Odd jobs , Good eats and Everything in between

I have been a rather lazy blogger as of late. You are probably wondering what an out of work gal has to be lazy about, but it's complicated. Well actually it's not complicated, it's just boring. I am extremely anemic. I am always tired, always feeling run down and I'm always cold. It can be 108 degrees out and I will wear a cardigan or a shrug. I blast the AC but cover myself in blankets, leaving just my feet out to get cool. Another thing I have against me is that I have a pretty bad Thyroid problem. It really affects every part of my life and I hate it. I have tried some drugs for it but they did nothing. I still need to seek out another Doctor but it hasn't been something that I've gotten around to yet. I always feel tired, I'm moody, no matter what I do the weight I'm carrying never comes off. It's just frustrating all around.

See, boring.

In other news, I did some Bridal make-up this past Sunday which gave me some extra cash.Brides are not my favorite, but this one was really laid back. It took me 45 minutes and that's because she kept stopping to go do stuff.

Last night we were bored and hungry so we decided to take a friend up on their offer of driving into the city for dinner.I really wasnt in the mood at first but when we finally sat down and ate I felt better. The place we went was AMAZING! If you are in or around NYC then I really recommend you stop by and try it.
This is where we went:
The Tuck Shop

It was completely delicious. Afterward we got some ice cream which always makes me feel better, lol.
When we got home from the city I to enjoy a visit from one of my very good friends that moved to Germany. I haven't seen him in forever! It was a nice little reunion and we might meet up again later in the week.


  1. It was indeed 100% delicious. I had the lamb and veggie mmmmmm

  2. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway hosted by Adeline's Attic. Yay! If you send me your address, etc., to andi.b.goode@gmail.com I'll get Jill to send you your purse, pins & scarf. =D Congrats!
    -Andi x

  3. !!!!!!
    Excited would be an understatement right now,lol.I'm emailing you now =)