Friday, July 16, 2010

Retail Therapy

I collect things.

What a gross understatement that is. I collect EVERYTHING is more like it. It's really not my fault that I have so many interests. My Dad has always collected things since before I was born and I guess growing up around old things and learning to love and appreciate them gave me the collecting bug as well.
My first collection ever was vintage Barbie dolls, which I of course still have but rarely add to these days. The Barbie collectors market has in my humble opinion gotten pretty shitty and boring over the years. The bargains are gone, the collectors are more cutthroat, the prices astronomical. I love my collection as is and probably will not add to it in the future unless there is a ridiculous deal staring me in the face. Actually the last vintage Barbies I aquired belonged to Dereks Mom and I am currently restoring them slowly but surely. The Barbies live in my childhood bedroom in my Dads house so there probably will not be any pics of them all until Derek and I find a house. I still collect dolls though. All kinds of dolls and action figures as long as they strike my fancy.

When I was 10 I started to collect vintage clothing. I loved scouring the garage sales and flea markets looking for the kind of things I saw people in old movies wearing. Back then there was so much of it and it was cheap! No one wanted it, it wasn't trendy like it is now. If I only had a time machine......
The next things I started to collect were vintage housewares. I always knew that I wanted a house filled with old things. I wanted a living room that looked like the set of an old TV show. Vintage housewares are something I still collect to this day as well, except now I am actually a lot closer to having an actual house to put it all in.
There is also:
Halloween decor, spooky toys, Universal Monsters stuff, books, costumes, wigs, Star Wars stuff, old sheet music, shoes,handbags and of course last but not least my enormous Snow White collection.
I'm sure there is more that I missed. Thank goodness Derek is the kind of guy who can understand a crazy dame like me,lol. This is a few months ago when I still had red hair.

Here is a small sampling of some of my more recent finds, I will try and post them as I find them from now on :

They were red and turquoise and had cherries on them which means I obviously had to buy them,lol.
I recently added this TV cabinet to my collection....this is the pic from the add, so that's not my house or my stuff....
Hey Wake vanity.....has the original stool as well
That's it for now, I don't want to assault you with a million pictures. I think you get the idea =)


  1. I adore all your finds! Especially that tv stand. I NEED one!

  2. Thanks! It needs some TLC but it was a real steal and I have always wanted one.

  3. hi!! just came cross and started following your new to this whole thing but ya def. look like we share a lot of the same interests so i thought id post and say hello! :)

  4. Thanks for following! I'm so excited that the stuff I write here is interesting to people,lol. I followed you too! =)