Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Matinee Birthday Edition - "Chocolat"

Today is my 29th Birthday.....oh boy,lol. It feels very odd to say that I am almost 30. Next year I'm sure I will have a huge freak out about it, but for now I will keep calm and carry on.

This weeks movie is one that I find myself popping into the DVD player over and over again because it's just that enjoyable........"Chocolat". I love this movie for so many reasons. The story is endearing, the idea of making chocolate according to ancient recipes fascinates me, and the colors used in the movie are amazing as are the gorgeous 40's and 50's clothes. Did I forget to mention that this movie also stars Johnny Depp? Just some more eye candy to add to the box.....

The Plot:
Vianne Rocher and her young daughter are drifters who are met with skepticism and resistance when they move to a conservative town in rural France and open a chocolate shop during Lent. As Vianne begins to work her magic and help those around her, the townspeople are soon won-over by her exuberance and her delicious chocolates - except for the mayor, who is determined to shut her down. When a group of river drifters visit the town, Vianne teaches the townspeople something about acceptance, and finds love for herself along the way.

You will just fall in love with the character of Vianne. Her fiery spirit and determination, her beauty and sex appeal and of course her killer wardrobe. This movie will also have you craving sweets like no ones business. I am actually not a huge fan of chocolate on a regular basis and prefer to save it for once and a while treats.....but when I watch this movie I want to ravage a candy store like the Incredible Hulk.


Enjoy the show!

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  1. To quote the movie "I love you man":
    "And for the record, I saw chocolat, just delightful"