Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Virtual Fashionista

I love to shop, like most women. I actually do a fair share of actual shopping for I am indeed a shopaholic clotheshorse. See I can admit my problem!!

I also know that too much shopping takes it's toll both on closet space and on the wallet, which is why I live out some of my fashion fantasies in the virtual world.....

Ladies, meet Polyvore ! For those of you not familiar with the site, let me fill you in. Polyvore is an online fashion database filled with clothing from hundreds of designers, online shops ect....you create an account, then look through or search the databases for clothes you like and add them to your collection. You can then organize all of your clothing and accessories into select groups or create awesome little outfit collages with them. It's like shopping for everything you want without the guilt of actually buying it. Sure, I may not really own those fabulous McQueen platforms but I do on Polyvore!!!

Sometimes I like to pretend that everything I add to my collection will magically be mailed to my house.....Hey, I can dream can't I??? Polyvore really is fun and you will find yourself sitting there for hours creating the perfect outfits to show off.

Here is one of my creations and a link to my profile:

My Polyvore profile, HERE

If anyone out there decides to create a profile, please friend me ! Have fun everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I want all that stuff mailed to me too.. Pah-lease!!!

    I guess we share a dream.. ;")

    Sometimes I also dream, that every lovely movieoutfit I like, would be mailed to me - for free, of course. Kind of Hollywood-shopping.. *sigh*