Thursday, June 30, 2011

If the shoe fits........thank your lucky stars!

Because I am clearly awesome and full of good luck, I of course somehow managed to fracture a bone in my right foot. See? FULL OF AWESOME. I am in huge amounts of pain, the foot is swollen and I can only walk with a limp. It really sucks because I have missed close to a week of work because I need to keep it iced and elevated as much as possible. But that my friends is not even close to being the worst part.......ready for it? My foot is so swollen and due to the location of the fracture it can not fit into any of my shoes!!!! This is heartbreaking for me, seeing as I am obsessed with shoes. I literally buy at least one pair of shoes a joke. Most of the shoes I buy are indeed heels so they would be out of the question to wear right now anyway...but I can't even get into my flats =( From everything I have been told/read about my issue, shoe wearing is most likely not going to continue for a month or so. DEVASTATED.

To of course twist the knife into my heart, many of my latest shoe purchases have decided to arrive this week taunting me with their beauty. My right foot looks on in envious longing as my left foot sinks gently into the new acquisitions. My left foot can be such a bitch sometimes.....

I present for you, some of my latest shoe purchases along with where to buy info and my thoughts....enjoy <3


I decided to buy these in the peach/black heart combo because to me they are very neutral. I own this style in all yellow with a bow and love them to bits. Seriously they are so very comfortable.


Another insanely wearable shoe. The amazing comfort aside, I just thought these were adorable basic flats.

White Matte Leather Round Toe Pumps

These were chosen purely after watching "Sex and the City 2" one night. There is a scene where Carrie is sitting reading something wearing an oversize white slub t shirt,gray mini skirt and shoes exactly like these (except hers were amazing Brian Atwoods). I just fell in love with the outfit, so I bought the entire thing. These also look great with skinny jeans and dresses so it's a win win situation.

Jessica Simpson Women's Dany2

After much
After much debate and admiration I finally decided to get these shoes. In my opinion they really go well with almost anything and can be worn all year round (weather permitting).

Harajuku Lovers Women's Yipee Ankle-Strap Sandal

These are my favorite new buys. I loved them so much I bought them in both red and black. I wear a lot of vintage and vintage inspired fashion and these are the perfect complement to that aesthetic. They look like vintage shoes, they feel amazing on and they were very inexpensive.

Steve Madden WESTII
These were sort of a must have for me. I have an insane love of leopard and wedges are the most comfortable shoes ever so it was the perfect marriage. I plan on getting tons of wear out of these when the foot feels better, even in fall and winter. I also have a fabulous bright blue pleated skirt that I need to wear these with.

Steve Madden WESTII-L
When I saw these shoes it was love at first sight. I mean come on!! They are sequin-tastic, platform, wedges......LOVE!!! I knew for sure that they had to be mine when I started having dreams about me wearing them....yes,I am crazy....especially when it comes to fashion. These are definitely coming to Disney World with me in October.

Those are all the shoes for now....eventually I will do a closet post about some of my all time favorite pairs. I hoped you enjoyed the shoe porn =)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dia De los Daddy's

Today is Fathers Day! If you are not familiar with the above image then shame on you!! It is from one of my all time favorite horror movies, "Creepshow". The segment the image comes from is actually titled "Fathers Day" and posting the clip of the scene or the image has become sort of an online tradition for me. Totally worth watching, trust me.

I am of course spending the day with my Dad. Growing up as the child of divorced parents and living with my Father, he has become one of the most important people in my life. I never tell him that but I know he knows it. I decided to get him some cologne this year (I know, how old school is that) but I have rather swell taste in fragrance if I do say so myself. The one I went with was Vintage by John Varvatos. It has a great manly smell, not unlike Eternity by Calvin Kline which is my all time favorite mens fragrance. I'm sure he will love it.

So Happy Fathers Day Daddy-o!! I love you <3

Saturday, June 18, 2011


After a rather long and unexpected hiatus from the world of Blogging, I have returned....from the dead. Dramatic sounding isn't it? Well, it's not really all that exciting at all. I have just had a crazy couple of months, what with getting a new job and moving into a new (temporary) residence....just hectic crazy craziness I tell ya.

Since deciding to return to my blog I have also thought about things to put here that people would actually want to see, so expect a small change in some of the content but rest assured I shall remain true to myself in all ways.

Stay tuned kids.....